Cardinal Chains

- A minimalist puzzle game centering on the concept of non-decreasing sequences.

Each puzzle begins with a monochrome grid of numbers, plus a few colored cells marked with an X. Starting at these cells, you must link up numbers in non-decreasing order until the whole grid is filled with color.

  • 500 unique, carefully handcrafted puzzles of varying difficulty, each with a single solution
  • Beautiful, lengthy chill-out soundtrack created by professional artists
  • Minimalist, elegant design without timers, scores or other hassles
  • Several built-in color themes, including colorblind options. Or...
  • ...make your own color themes - right from within the game!
  • Includes free Steam key (unless purchased in a bundle)

Free Official Solution Book and Color Themes Guide available
A game by Daniel Nora:


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Cardinal Chains - v1.1.1b9 Windows 116 MB
Cardinal Chains - v1.1.1b9 macOS 119 MB
Cardinal Chains - v1.1.1b9 Linux 119 MB

Also available on

Download demo

Cardinal Chains Demo - v1.2.1b10 Windows 116 MB
Cardinal Chains Demo - v1.2.1b10 macOS 119 MB
Cardinal Chains Demo - v1.2.1b10 Linux 119 MB

Development log


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I completed the first 50 levels and made a video of my first playthrough! I'm proud of myself for having completed them in less than 30min! The next challenge will be for levels 51-100, which will probably take more time haha! Really enjoyed your game, one of my favorite puzzles of 2023! =D


Oh my, the levels are getting harder and harder! It is going to take me a while to push to level 500 haha 馃槄. Here my recording of levels 51-70! 


Thank you so much for making these videos! It's always great for us game developers to watch other people enjoying our creations. Take your time playing and have fun!

P.S.: There's a quicker way to go to the next level when you finish a puzzle, just click anywhere on the screen (no need to find the arrow)!


Thank you for the words of encouragement! I love good challenges and I think I am up to the task haha! Thank you for this quick tip about going to the next level without having to click on the arrow! Love it! 


Ah drat XD I completed all 100 puzzles on web browser onto to then realize that was still the "demo", so I'll have to replay them all (my brain just assumed it would be the full game since I own it lol). My silly mistake aside, this is a very very fun puzzle game. Things were challenging but never to the point where I was frustrated or took me more than a couple of minutes, making it the perfect brain break between homework assignments. I highly recommend even just playing the 100 demo levels if you can, but the $3 is well worth it. 


Looks like a perfect game to play on my phone while on the train. Any reason the APK isn鈥檛 listed here?

how did you guarantee the uniqueness of each solution?


Simply by checking each puzzle with a solving program I created!


this reminds me so much of flow free, the mobile game where you have to fill the grid with colored pipes - this is like that but just with non-decreasing sequences. as a math alumni and someone who loved flow free, i'm enjoying this so much!


Fun game! I like it. Well executed progression and teaching of game mechanics. Relaxing visuals and soundtrack. Interesting puzzle concept. Very nicely done.

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Good game, but VERY unbalanced.

or maybe it is relatively balanced, IDK I had to stop at #83 because of time (I only had ~30 mins)



I keep coming back to this game, occasionally playing a few levels. I'm now more than halfway, but there are still many to go (500 levels in total!). Despite its unassuming appearance and simple progression mechanics (solve a puzzle -> unlock the next one), this might just be one of the best puzzle games of the huge bundle it was in.

All of the puzzles are solvable; you're never truly stuck for a long time. Nevertheless, they all require some thought and it never gets trivial. If you're searching for the perfect relaxing puzzle game to get you into a flow state, this is it.


Absolutely loved this game! 

Chill gameplay and music, well designed levels and so much content that it kept me playing for literally months! Looking forward to more games from mr. Nora!


Good game, interesting concept

Great game, Cool Puzzles, And Amazing music how'd you make it??


Finished the demo and loved it. Now that I've beaten the demo and downloaded the full game (purchased earlier in a bundle)... how do I skip to level 100? Do I HAVE to replay the first 100 levels?


Hello! If you played the downloadable version of the demo, you will be able to pick up right where you left off. If you played the browser version, it's impossible to access the browser's save data. No worries though, just send me an email to and I will provide a save file straight to level 101!


thanks so much for the prompt reply. I think I'll just replay them it's going quicker the second time through, lol. Seriously enjoying the game and the dope soundtrack.


Hahaha I understand! Thank you so much for the kind words, have fun!


Great game!

Really nice game, I had a blast doing the first 111 !

Fun and interesting game. About 100 levels in they got difficult to the point it felt like too much effort, but I enjoyed my time with it


Intuitive gameplay. Clear and crisp art style. Chill sound scapes. Got to lvl 38 before my brain went NOPE 


Amazing game, with a really chill and relaxing soundtrack. Really enjoyed it!

I'll just point out that despite the claim "each with a single solution", I found that levels 145 and 383 had at least two solutions, but that's just nitpicking :D


Wow, what a great little chill, puzzle game. 

The music is so relaxing. I have it on my second monitor while working at home. I work. I do a couple of puzzles  and mellow to the tracks. 



As the developer, knowing that you like the soundtrack well enough to listen to it while working is a really great compliment, thanks a lot!

By the way, you can listen to the soundtrack directly on the browser if you prefer (some tracks are not exactly the same because I did some remastering, but they're very similar):


Now that's pretty groovy, man.  Thanks!

Your game is pretty great, btw. :D 

(Although, I too got stuck on lvl 98 and, shamefully, had to look up the answer--that one was stupidly rough on my brain.)


great music as well!! i usually mute games i play

a lot of fun!! :D

Hi! I'm really enjoying the game! I am however very stuck on lvl 98 and would love some help! thanks!


Here's the full guide!


Thank you so much!


It was the first game I played in the bundle for Ukraine. I liked it so much I purchased it on my phone as well. Nice job!


Many thanks for both buying the bundle and supporting me! Enjoy!


Expressing my appreciation for the controls and interface here as well. Very slick and intuitive - could've easily been annoying but isn't. :D


I remember playing this on my phone a few years back. Pretty simple concept, but this is probably one of the best puzzle games I've ever played.

First thing that came to my mind is GMTK's video about tutorials. This game is a perfect example of a tutorial done right, seemlessly integrated in the gameplay, no text needed.

Controls are pretty much perfect on my opinion. When playing The Witness  I was really frustrated with drawing lines, it felt really clunky to me. Here it's very easy, and satisfying.


Thank you so much for the kind words, enjoy it!

How do I link Cardinal Chains bought here on with my steam account? I didn't found any key to get the key to insert on steam, does someone know how to do it?

if you bought it in a bundle, you don't get a key

Boo woo

It's, this website has it's own launcher. You can add this game to steam as a non-steam game (,applications%20installed%20on%20your%20system.)


This thing is very addictive


This was the first game I played out of the Bundle for Ukraine. Really enjoying the vibes.


Same, love it!

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Fantastic soundtrack. Played 50 levels and then just let the music play in the background after. Great game too!


Superb game, Daniel! Nice puzzles, lovely interface, and great work on the sound.

As an aspiring game dev myself, how did you get such an array of music for the game? From fairly big names, no less! I assume you licenced the tracks; where should I go to do the same?

Can't wait to see what you make next! 



Hello Harvey, thank you for the kind words!

Yes, I licensed the tracks from Soundstripe, which I highly recommend! In fact, you can listen to the whole soundtrack on their website through this link:

Best of luck to you!


Thank you, sir! Good luck to you as well ^^


such nice music and ambiance i really like it kudos to the developper for this simple yet rich idea and game (imstuck at 58 help lol)

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Thanks! By the way, you can always check the solution book!


"Hm, this game is pretty long I'm on level 46. Lemme check how many levels there are- OH MY GOD."


if you liked hard games like this one i suggest you guys if you can play my game too it will be nice for me to get at least 1 euro out of my game Wazros.

have a nice day!



extremely hard & extremely good i'm lovvin' it

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This game is extremely good. I appreciate the elegant simplicity in the core mechanics and the careful attention to pacing. The music also makes it easy to go forward. A way to have notes aside from the lines themselves would have been welcome, as I often find myself working backwards in the 1-only levels, but everything else is perfect.

Me inc贸moda un poco que en algunos niveles vaya por ejemplo de 4 a 8, estuviese bien si fuese simplemente del 1 para delante o que no se vaya saltando n煤meros ni nada. Pero sin contar eso est谩 muy bien

This is a great game!

But in the WebGL build (using Firefox), I get an error after completing level 88: "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was: QuotaExceededError: The quota has been exceeded." 

How much info do you write to local storage? (Unity PlayerPrefs?) It might be bit too much...

Thanks for reporting! It's not about the save data actually (which takes only a few bytes), it's about the build itself which is around 50 MB due to the size of the music files. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it since it depends on the user's local configurations, which in most cases allow for plenty more. But you can easily work around the issue by downloading the demo, which will provide a better experience anyway (better performance, better music quality, etc). Have fun!

very relaxing


Amazing game, just finished the first 100 levels, excited for what the next 400 have in store! Props also to the sfx and graphics, really well done.

someone help me on level 43 please -w-

Check out this guide:

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